How to Modify and Save Your Training Roster

how_do_I_modify_the_rosterAllena training tracing software has a sample_roster.docx document you can modify to match your company’s logo and branding.

This document can be found under the installation folder in your file or folder structure.

For example, in this installation the roster can be found inside the following folder.

c:/Program Files (x86)/Micromango Software/Allena/samples

to have your customized (after your modifications) roster print out when you are scheduling trainings just save the document back to this location. Allena training tracking software will use this document as the standard training roster and your employees can sign off after taking the training.


Manual Activation of Serial Number

activate serial number trainingIf you have purchased a previous version of Allena and have downloaded the latest version, Allena might recognize your computer and perform the activation automatically.

If automatic Activation does not happened follow the following steps to enter your serial number and activate your license.

  1. Locate the ribbon at the top area of the desktop window
  2. On the Home tab find the Activation area on the far right of the ribbon
  3. Click on the Activate Manually button
  4. In the Activation dialog box. Before entering your serial number, make sure your computer is connected to the internet. The activation of the serial number is done through the internet by asking our third parties servers for an approval token
  5. Click Activate to send your serial number information to our servers
  6. After activation is successful, the software will restart not showing how many days are left in your trial.
  7. If your manual activation is unsuccessful please contact

Allena Registration Issue in Windows 7


Allena uses a third party ActiveX control from a third party company (eSellerate) to execute a several functions. The control must be registered on the end user’s computer, but some Windows 7 users may be unable to register the control due to an error message.  This article explains about a dependency on a legacy Windows file named MSVCR71.DLL.


Previous versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system (including Windows XP and Windows Vista) included a file named MSVCR71.DLL.  When our third party ActiveX control (eWebControl365.dll and/or the legacy eSellerateControl365.dll) was originally created, it had a dependency on this file, which was available on every then-current installation of Windows.

New installations of Windows 7 might not include MSVCR71.DLL.  As a result, when attempting to register the ActiveX control, an error message may occur because the required file is missing.  To correct this, place a copy of the MSVCR71.DLL file on the affected Windows 7 computer and try the registration again.

Installing the MSVCR71.DLL file along with your application should prevent future occurrences of the registration issue.

Why Do I Get An “Engine Not Found” Message Box?

training engine not found

The “Engine Not Found” message is usually caused by or related to the permissions with which a user logs onto their computer.

For Windows users, the issue is actually relatively uncommon. For Mac users, it can happen more frequently.
STEP 1: The best first step for troubleshooting is to visit (our third party credit card processing company) and download the engine updater that corresponds to your operating system (e.g. Engine Updater for Windows) and run it. This will often resolve the error message.

However, if the error persists after running the engine updater, then I’d recommend that the user log onto Windows as an administrator account and try the process again. Once the engine has been installed successfully by an admin, that may also resolve the issue for non-admin users.

How To Activate My Training Tracking Software

After you have submitted your name and email address to the download form (please watch this video) you will receive an email from asking you to confirm your request.

Please, CLICK THE LINK BELOW to confirm we have your permission to email you the link to the software and useful tips about how to use your training tracking software


How To Get Your Free Trial of an Employee Training Tracking Software

iTrainingTracking (Formerly Micromango) Software offers a 30 day free trial of Allena Training Tracking Software. To get your free trial copy just go to

  1. Find the right sidebar and look for a name and email submit form
  2. Enter your name and email, then click on “Yes, Let’s Start the Free Trial” Button
  3. After you have click and submit your information, a new page is shown titled “Confirm Your Request For download”. This page explains what to do once you have receive an activation email

How To Know When an Employee has Completed Training

We recommend using a training roster. A training roster is a word document used to keep track on employees’ attendance to the training.

Give or send by email the training roster to the trainer and request to have attendees print and sign their names on it.

A training roster has a header with the following paragraph communicating and promoting attendees to ask questions and proof they have attended the training;

I herein state that I’ve attended the training or read the required material noted above (training title). All questions have been properly answered to fully understand the material, procedures, and/or any responsibility related to my job and safety procedures.

Please, fill the following information properly related to the training above.

After the training, request the trainer for the original so you can save this in your files or scan, keep or save in your local server.

Here is an example of a training roster you can download and use in your company; Training roster

How to Download iTrainingTracking Software

Once you have entered you have received a  confirmation email and click on the activation link, you will be taken to a download page.

note: activation of the software is free and only requires your email address. Registration of the software is when you pay unlocking the software’s main features and benefits.

  1. Click on the Download Now button
  2. If you are using Firefox Browser, a download window will pop up showing you the download progress of the installation file.
  3. Wait until the file setup.exe has been completely download it to your download folder

Closing Allena

Once you have generated and closed scheduled trainings for your employees for the day, close Allena to save memory and make it available for other programs

  1. In the toolbar click File
  2. Click exit to close Allena


To uninstall Allena simply delete the all copies of the database file. This program runs under Microsoft access and does not make any alterations to your system files which is why an uninstall utility is not provided.

How To Create a New Datasource?

Allena training management system allows you to create different databases also known as datasources. You can manage different companies or organizations by linking to different datasources. For example, an organization might have two divisions. Each division has different departments. Separate training tracking per division by creating two different datasources.

Create a new datasource.

  1. Go to the Ribbon
  2. Click on the Home tab
  3. Under File section of the Home ribbon click on New … button
  4. A window shows up asking for the name and location of the new datasource.
  5. Under New Datasource Location enter a folder location for the new file that is NOT under Allena’s installation folder.
  6. Click on Create button and Allena will relink to the new datasource.


All new datasources should be create outside Allena’s installation folder and backed up often.

Before Entering Your Training Management Data

Gather information about employees and training requirements for your organization or facility. There are 2 ways to organize your training tracking records.

Application Navigation To obtain a better idea about required information to build your training management database, navigate through all main forms first (employees, contacts, training schedule, schedule history, etc.) While inside a main form consider fields that define your data in more detail. These fields are located inside a data detail input forms (DDIF). DDIF’s are only accessible through record view forms and can be found by clicking on buttons with double arrows pointing downward.

Data detail input forms are located in these main forms; Employees -> Status, Department Contacts -> Group, Other1 Type, Other2 Type, Other3 Type Training Scheduler -> Training Title, Type, Trainer, Documentation Training -> Required by, Type, Media, Documentation, Location, Trainer Registrations -> Documentation Type Some fields in DDIF are limited to a few characters long and require the use of a code. Consider neglecting vowels when defining your codes in order to fit the fields.

Enter basic training data into Allena in order to be able to generate concurrent trainings. Data entry does not have to be set up at once, but certain information must be entered before trainings can be generated. It is highly recommended that you switch to our sample datasource included with Allena to get familiarize with the data entry and how they relate to each other.

Change the DataSource File

Allena training management system allows you to manage different companies or organizations by linking to different datasource files. For example, an organization might have two divisions. Each division has different departments. Separate training tracking per division by creating two different datasources. To manage training for employees of the division just relink or change to each datasource.

  1. Go to the Ribbon
  2. Click on the Home tab
  3. Under Tools section of the Home ribbon click on ReLink
  4. Practice switching to a different data source by connecting to a provided sample data source called allena_be_sample.accdb

Getting Started

Get started with Allena training management software. The first step is to create a new datasource.

Training Management - Getting Started

What is a DataSource?

Allena is a combination of two main files, the user interface and the datasource. The user interface is also known as the Front End. The front end provides with  navigation interface, training, registration, contacts and scheduler windows as well as toolbars, reporting, sorting and filtering features. The datasource is where all the data; employees’ names, birthdays, training information, etc is saved.

You can create different datasources for different companies or organizations and connect with that data individually to manage those trainees.

Looking At A Sample DataSource

By looking at a sample datasource you can get familiarized with Allena’s structured and data. Visualize how your data will look finally look.

1. First, open Allena and go to the Home Tab located in the Ribbon (toolbar) on the left top section of the user interface.

2. Click on View Sample Datasource located under the Sample Files section

Training Management Software - Allena

Allena interface has been redesigned to provide user a minimalist look and efficient interface.

Starting Allena

iTrainingTracking Management Software runs on a Windows operating system. If you are unfamiliar with Windows procedures, refer to the Windows documentation before starting Allena.

There are a few ways to start itrainingtracking on Windows Vista

  • Start Windows. From Windows Desktop
  • Double-click the Allena iTrainingTracking Icon on the desktop. A splash screen displays for a second and then the main menu.

Training Management - Starting Allena

Or From the file manager

  1. Open the file manager.
  2. Switch to Allena’s installation subdirectory.
  3. Double click allena.exe.

How To Manage Your Company’s Training with This Training Management Software

How can you schedule trainings for 23 employees in 20 seconds? iTrainingTracking Software has just released Allena 3.3.2 beta version, free training management software that tracks employee’s training with ease and organized manner.

Boulder, CO. October 7, 2010 – Allena has a clean, open interface and big buttons. Let’s face it, if you have to do something as boring as scheduling training for, your or, others employees you want a tool that gives you big buttons, easy navigation, and helps you schedule everybody in seconds.

Allena is intuitive and easy to learn. We have minimized the screens and removed most redundant feature found in nowadays training management software. In a few easy steps you will be managing your staff’s training requirements with ease.

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