Allena Registration Issue in Windows 7


Allena uses a third party ActiveX control from a third party company (eSellerate) to execute a several functions. The control must be registered on the end user’s computer, but some Windows 7 users may be unable to register the control due to an error message.  This article explains about a dependency on a legacy Windows file named MSVCR71.DLL.


Previous versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system (including Windows XP and Windows Vista) included a file named MSVCR71.DLL.  When our third party ActiveX control (eWebControl365.dll and/or the legacy eSellerateControl365.dll) was originally created, it had a dependency on this file, which was available on every then-current installation of Windows.

New installations of Windows 7 might not include MSVCR71.DLL.  As a result, when attempting to register the ActiveX control, an error message may occur because the required file is missing.  To correct this, place a copy of the MSVCR71.DLL file on the affected Windows 7 computer and try the registration again.

Installing the MSVCR71.DLL file along with your application should prevent future occurrences of the registration issue.