Coordinate and Archive

  • Coordinate training efforts among multiple divisions and/or facilities
  • Achieve your organization’s targeted competency levels
  • Recover more time (managers and employees) to focus on important tasks

Time-Money Saving Features

  • Monitor the progress of all scheduled training (i.e. completed / pending / canceled).
  • Track success of training
  • Improved operational efficiency by automating tasks
  • Save hours of work and the frustration of learning a complex system. Instead, learn an intuitive and easy to navigate software
  • Extensive use of auto complete – dropdown lists that save many hours of typing
  • Easy-to-use Windows interface

Automatic Tasks

  • Create automatic registrations. Once training is scheduled, attendees’ registration is just one click away with group scheduling
  • Increase participation by easily reminding employees by e-mail that they have been registered for an upcoming training
  • Assign training requirements by job title, department and/or facility for automatic scheduling, saving you valuable time
  • Avoid battling with amount of papers. Attach documentation to training for easy retrieval


  • Track your staff’s requirements for training, licensing, certifications,and qualifications
  • Make sure that employees receive the required training and/or verify which ones are certified by accessing employee’s registration records
  • Store complete training information including instructions,notes, schedule history, location, type, etc
  • Simplify employee training record keeping and reporting requirements.
  • Find any employee, registration, or training instantly with flexible data mining tools. Sort your data based on any fields and narrow (filter) down the information you are looking for


  • Expedite (daily, weekly or monthly) training schedules and reports in seconds
  • Keep everyone in your organization informed with a broad range of reports


Allena consists of several modules used to manage your data.

Training Tracking

  • Easily track trainings associated with specific workgroups, divisions,and locations
  • Provides full review and add/edit capabilities for all training records

Scheduling and Schedule History

  • Maintain a historical record of all training activities (complete and pending) related to an employee, workgroup, or department
  • Automated training course scheduling. Schedule recurring trainings,in just seconds. Avoid repetitive tasks and schedule attendees (employees) for each scheduled training with ease
  • Assign training requirements by groups and/or individuals


  • Maintain permanent historical training records for employees and customers of your products and services
  • Archive old records for quick & easy retrieval while removing it from the program’s ‘active’ database and reports to streamline your records


  • Utilize WYSIWYG printing of training records and schedule (filtered by any field including: training end date, location, department, trainer, type and more)
  • Simplify employee training record keeping and reporting requirements
  • Print rosters, schedule reports to post on bulletin and/or send emails to ensure no employee goes unnoticed