Getting Started

Get started with Allena training management software. The first step is to create a new datasource.

Training Management - Getting Started

What is a DataSource?

Allena is a combination of two main files, the user interface and the datasource. The user interface is also known as the Front End. The front end provides with  navigation interface, training, registration, contacts and scheduler windows as well as toolbars, reporting, sorting and filtering features. The datasource is where all the data; employees’ names, birthdays, training information, etc is saved.

You can create different datasources for different companies or organizations and connect with that data individually to manage those trainees.

Looking At A Sample DataSource

By looking at a sample datasource you can get familiarized with Allena’s structured and data. Visualize how your data will look finally look.

1. First, open Allena and go to the Home Tab located in the Ribbon (toolbar) on the left top section of the user interface.

2. Click on View Sample Datasource located under the Sample Files section

Training Management Software - Allena

Allena interface has been redesigned to provide user a minimalist look and efficient interface.

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