Training Scheduler

View and manage all training scheduling activities. This module provides different automatic features to help you generate trainings, schedule trainees, email and create training bulletin board reports. Also, the training scheduler helps you close completed or/and cancelled trainings by moving them to the schedule history module.

Track which trainings have been delayed and which trainees still need to attend classes. Generate customized schedule trainings such as overdue, current and coming up training reports. Update trainees’ attendance information at once by redefining training record’s information.

Avoid typing the training schedule in an email by using the email schedule generation feature and send a customized email with your personalized header.

Generate Scheduled Training

Choose Add/Edit Training Schedule.

Click the generate button on the lower left corner of the module.

Generate Through – Enter the date through which to generate trainings.

Preview scheduled trainings before release – Click on generate button to open the release training form that shows the trainings that meet the generation criteria.

Release trainings – Select the trainings you may want to move to the schedule training by checking the release check marks.

Scheduling/Registering trainees

Once your employees have been classified in a group and have the groups that are required to attend each training, Allena will schedule employees as trainees with a click of a button.

Choose Add/Edit Training Schedule.

Click the Schedule Trainees button.

Registering Employees Manually

Add employees manually to your scheduled training if an employee from another group decides to take a training as an elective or for cross training purposes.

Choose Add/Edit Training Schedule from the main menu form.

Click on the tab Trainees List.

Add a new record.

Emailing a Scheduled Training to Attendees

Add employee information, such as addresses, phone numbers, and social security numbers.

Choose Add/Edit Employee from the main menu. Allena displays the Employees form.

Click the Record View tab.

Click to insert a new employee record.

EmployeeID – Enter a unique code identifying the employee.
Tip: Use part of the last name with the first initial (for example, MONSV for Victor Monsemar). It is NOT recommended to use social security numbers.

Last Name – Enter the employee’s surname.

First Name – Enter the employee’s given name.

Title – Enter the employee’s job title.

Department – Enter the code identifying the employee’s department.

Enter information into the remaining fields, as necessary.

Create a Training Schedule report

Choose Add/Edit Training Schedule from the main menu form.

Click on the List View tab.

Select all trainings to create a training schedule report.

Click on Create Report button – Allena organizes all selected scheduled trainings and gather attendees schedule information.

Modifying a scheduled training

Modified information of scheduled trainings that might need to be changed for one time due to external reasons; unexpected change of priorities.

Choose Add/Edit Training Schedule from the main menu form.

Click on the tab Record View.

Modify scheduled training record as required.

Close Scheduled Trainings

Close trainings after employees have completed the trainings and after you finish entering information into the record. Allena completes the following procedures when closing trainings. Transfers the information from the Training Schedule form to the Schedule History form. Updates the Date Last Performed and Next Due Date fields in the Training record.