The employee module provides the user with the facility to record and manage the employee data. It stores data for every personnel employed in the company which the users want a corresponding record of maintenance activities. It also records trainings to which an employee has attended or is certified for.

Entering initial information

Enter initial employee information, such as Status and Department codes, and then assign these codes to employee records.

To access forms to enter initial employee’s information, open all forms and click on buttons with downward double arrows (left image).

Main Menu Option Fields Examples
Employee’s tab | Add/Edit Group GroupID Distr./High Volt, Engineering
Description Distribution and high voltage group, Engineering Design and Data
Employee’s tab | Add/Edit Employee | Record View tab | Click on double arrow button next to Status textbox. StatusID Full, Part
Description Full Time, Part Time

Entering Employee Groups

Employee groups identify different kinds of employees, such as electricians, mechanics, management, accountants, operations, etc. Assign employee groups to employees records. Allena organizes, classifies and automatically schedule employees by employees group.

  1. Choose Employees tab from the main menu. Allena displays the Employee Group form (module).
  2. Insert a new employee group. Allena displays a blank record.
  3. Employee group and description – Enter a unique code and description for the employee group.

Adding Employee information

Add employee information, such as addresses, phone numbers, and social security numbers.

  1. Choose Add/Edit Employee from the main menu. Allena displays the Employees form.
  2. Click the Record View tab.
  3. Click to insert a new employee record.
  4. EmployeeID – Enter a unique code identifying the employee.Tip: Use part of the last name with the first initial (for example, MONSV for Victor Monsemar). It is NOT recommended to use social security numbers.
  5. Last Name – Enter the employee’s surname.
  6. First Name – Enter the employee’s given name.
  7. Title – Enter the employee’s job title.
  8. Department – Enter the code identifying the employee’s department.
  9. Enter information into the remaining fields, as necessary.

Adding an employee to a group

Add groups’ information to categorize one or more groups the employee might belong to.

  1. Choose Add/Edit Employee from the main menu. Allena displays the Employees form.
  2. Click the Employee List tab.
  3. Locate the employee for which to add groups’ information, and then click the Groups tab. Allena displays the Groups page.
  4. Group – Chose from the dropdown combo box as many groups as the employee belongs to.

Click on Add/Edit Group button to enter, add, or edit information of employees’ groups.

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