How To Know When an Employee has Completed Training

We recommend using a training roster. A training roster is a word document used to keep track on employees’ attendance to the training.

Give or send by email the training roster to the trainer and request to have attendees print and sign their names on it.

A training roster has a header with the following paragraph communicating and promoting attendees to ask questions and proof they have attended the training;

I herein state that I’ve attended the training or read the required material noted above (training title). All questions have been properly answered to fully understand the material, procedures, and/or any responsibility related to my job and safety procedures.

Please, fill the following information properly related to the training above.

After the training, request the trainer for the original so you can save this in your files or scan, keep or save in your local server.

Here is an example of a training roster you can download and use in your company; Training roster