How To Manage Your Company’s Training with This Training Management Software

How can you schedule trainings for 23 employees in 20 seconds? iTrainingTracking Software has just released Allena 3.3.2 beta version, free training management software that tracks employee’s training with ease and organized manner.

Boulder, CO. October 7, 2010 – Allena has a clean, open interface and big buttons. Let’s face it, if you have to do something as boring as scheduling training for, your or, others employees you want a tool that gives you big buttons, easy navigation, and helps you schedule everybody in seconds.

Allena is intuitive and easy to learn. We have minimized the screens and removed most redundant feature found in nowadays training management software. In a few easy steps you will be managing your staff’s training requirements with ease.

  1. After entering all employees and training data, Allena will;
  2. Generate and schedule employees to take trainings
  3. Manage registrations for all employees in your organization
  4. Create reports and rosters for you in seconds
  5. Generate useful summary reports so you can easily review the training history for all of your employees

All modules; registrations, training scheduler, employees, contacts, and trainings can be filtered and sorted using any piece of information available and display only records of interest. For example; create screen views and reports related to type of training, training location, instructor, dates, etc. Allena generates scheduled trainings for each individual and/or departments automatically and sends email to inform each employee. Generate one time and periodically trainings with ease.

This easy to install and learn training management system is available for up to 200 employees and it is available for free. You can learn more at the iTrainingTracking Software website where you can download a copy and start decreasing the time spent organizing your training program right away.

About iTrainingTracking Software

iTrainingTracking Software ( has been providing software solutions since 2002 for scheduling employees for all types of businesses including hotels, food processing companies, retail stores, restaurants, non profit organizations, manufacturing plants, police departments, and real estate offices, hospitals, health care facilities and casinos. If your business needs to schedule people, iTrainingTracking Software is the free software solution for you.