This module describes how to define trainings within Allena.

Training records provide information about;

  • training title
  • training’s description
  • training frequency

how often on repetitive trainings that your organization performs, including the frequency with which you should repeat the training.

How Does Allena Use Training Records?

Allena schedules trainings and registers employees automatically using the information entered in a training record.

Schedule repetitive trainings by date. When the training reaches the date, Allena automatically generates training. Allena obtains training from the Training form and generates a new scheduled training with the information. Allena keeps the scheduled training in the training form and generates the training the next time the training reaches the scheduled date.

How to Add/Edit Training

Create training records for all recurring trainings your organization performs. Schedule these trainings for optimal times. Determine daily, weekly, and monthly educational or certifications requirements by viewing trainings previously performed by your organization.

  1. Choose Add/Edit Training from the main menu. Allena displays the Training form.
  2. Click to insert a new task record.
  3. Training Title – Enter a unique code identifying this training
  4. You may specify a different next due date, frequency, and scheduling type for each.
  5. Enter information into the remaining fields.

How to Create a Training Instruction List

Create a list of instructions, and then identify this list by a unique code. After you create an instruction list, link it to one or more tasks by the assigned code. You may also assign more than one instruction list to a single task.

  1. Choose Add/Edit Training from the main menu.
  2. Click the instructions tab.
  3. You can copy text from word processing software and paste the text into this form. Allena does not retain text formatting.
  4. Enter or edit the instructions in the memo field.

How to Attach Multimedia Files

Attach multimedia files, such as drawings or word processing documents, to training records. Allena does not create or convert multimedia files. Create or obtain a file in one of the compatible formats, and enter the path of the file.

  1. Choose Add/Edit Training from the main menu.
  2. Select the training for which to attach multimedia files, and then click the Attachments tab.
  3. Document title – Choose a pre-defined document from the drop down box.
  4. Preview – Preview an attachment. Allena will call the corresponding program to show you a file preview.
  5. Add/Edit an attachment – Add and/or modify an attachment. Click to browse for a file and to return the full path, file name, and extension.