How to Start Networking

List everyone you know professionally with whom you want to reconnect. Motivate yourself by starting with people you like, respect and share mutual work or personal interests.

  • Make connecting a priority. Schedule time weekly to contact different people.
  • Connect in whatever way you prefer: talk by phone, have coffee/lunch, work out together, etc.
  • If your time for connecting is limited, use e-mail
  • To meet new contacts attend all hands meetings, seminars and other talks. If you prefer, go with a colleague/friend for support when meeting new people.
  • Create ways to motivate people to connect with you:

– Give presentations and speak with audience members afterwards
– Include your e-mail address on your presentations and handouts
– Work with people outside your job group: Contribute to a cross-functional team
– Participate in a community volunteer project

  • Express appreciation for your contacts’ help and tell them how their information was of value to you
  • Build mutual connections by sharing information, contacts and referrals with others
  • Follow through with information and referrals from contacts