How to Register eWebControl365.dll Manually

To register the ActiveX control manually on Windows 7 64-bit, please first ensure that the file (eWebControl365.dll) is present in the C:\ProgramData\eSellerate folder or in you computer’s hard drive.

Then, use the following steps:

  1. Click the Windows orb at the bottom left-hand corner of your main desktop (i.e., what used to be the Start button).
  2. Click the All Programs button that appears at the bottom of the Windows menu.
  3. Then click Accessories. There you will find the Command Prompt. Right click on it and select Run As An Administrator
  4. Type C: and press Enter.
  5. Type CD\ProgramData\eSellerate and press Enter. The active directory will change to ProgramData\eSellerate.
  6. Type REGSVR32.EXE eWebControl365.dll and press Enter.
  7. It may take a moment, but you should receive a dialog that confirms that the “registration server” was successful for eWebControl365.dll. You can click OK to clear that dialog.
  8. Type Exit and press Enter. The command prompt window will close.

Once the ActiveX control has been registered successfully on the machine, that should resolve the error message “ActiveX Component can’t create object”.

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