How to Stop Junk Mail

 to stop junk mail

Is it annoying for you to sort through all the junk mail every day? Here is what I used to do with junk mail until I discovered how to get rid of it.

1. Open overstuffed mail box and cut finger while pulling all the junk mail mixed with important mail.
2. Walk into the house while sorting through the “mixed mail”
3. Find the shredder; feed the junk mail one by one into the shredder.
4. Fight the shredder – aargg! – Pull the jammed paper and try again.
5. Dump shredded junk mail into the recycle bin in the kitchen
6. Once recycle bin is full, tale it to the bigger recycle bin outside.
7. Pay every month for the trash company to recycle shredded junk mail.

Seems like a lot of work and time spent on something I don’t want to receive and something I want to get rid of.

Solution: Cut it off at the source – “Hasta la vista, junk mail”.

Here is what you have to do to free yourself from junk mail. How to stop junk mail is easier than you might think, just go to this link;

This website allows you to remove your physical address (opt-out) from junk mail lists and other commercial lists, for example; those annoying catalogs. I’m against catalogs because most of the time those are “want items” you’ll just end up buying instead of “need items”.

There are two ways to register;

  1. Fill out a form online – fastest way –
  2. Complete a mail-in registration form. You will need to pay $1 for processing fees.

Nowadays I only check my mailbox once every two weeks. There are a few other tricks I implemented to be able to do that. Stay tuned …

Questions and Comments:

How many times a week do you check your mail box? What percentage of Junk Mail do you get?

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