How can I save money on my telephone bill?

Telephone TrickGrandCentral is a new web app. (recently adquired by Google) that allows you to redirect all of your phone numbers (wor, cell, home, etc.) into one number. There are many features that come with your GrandCentral account (GC Features).

How can I save money with this new service? My favorite feature is the Click2Call. I use Click2Call to reduce my cell phone bill significantly and to bypass that annoying Outgoing code I have to enter everytime I need to call someone out of the state.

Let’s go through the steps about how to accomplish have a zero long distance telephone bill for your company or home.

    1. First, open an account with by reserving a number. This is usually easier for those who already have a google email account. The reservation process will tell you how to get a google email account if you don’t have one. The confirmation page let’s you know there may be some areas where they won’t have coverage.


  • Wait for their approved email and go through their well documented website to become familiar with the service.



  • Pick a telephone number in your area code and enter your office and mobile telephone numbers in your account.



  • Add a few family members and/or customer phone numbers from out-of-state into the address book.



  • Now, here is the trick; use click2call feature to have google voice call your office telephone (incoming call) and then make the connection to your out-of-state contact.



  • Voila !! You will be talking to your customer, friend or family member, no extra charge.


How is this possible? Since you are simply answering a telephone call from your service,, it is not necessary for you to enter any access code to make an outgoing telephone call.

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