Training Tracking

training tracking

Increase participation of your staff in learning events

Allena is a Training Tracking software that helps you;

  • organize
  • manage
  • maintain and
  • track your staff’s training requirements

Save valuable time by automatically scheduling recurring trainings for your employees with a few clicks. Choose a date range and Allena will schedule trainings and register attendees based on an employee or predefined group criteria. Inform attendees by email and/or a bulletin board report. Generate reports of coming up trainings and email attendees a detailed training schedule automatically.

  • Don’t miss that important certification, seminar or conference training again.
  • Don’t spend hours or valuable time scheduling.
  • Make sure everybody is informed about those upcoming trainings. Ensure they will attend.
  • Keep records of important safety training and other legal documentation related to your employees’ required skills.

Modules Allena consists of several modules used to manage your data.

Scheduling and Schedule History

Training Scheduler

  • Maintain a historical record of all training activities (complete and pending) related to an employee, workgroup, or department.
  • Automated training course scheduling. Schedule recurring trainings,in just seconds. Avoid repetitive tasks and schedule attendees (employees) for each scheduled training with ease.
  • Assign training requirements by groups and/or individuals.


Allena - training tracking - Easy to add new employees with this user friendly employees module

  • Store employee’s information including a file picture, office location,group and previously attended trainings.

Add/Edit Training


Add/Edit Contact



  • Maintain permanent historical training records for employees and customers of your products and services.
  • Archive old records for quick & easy retrieval while removing it from the program’s ‘active’ database and reports to streamline your records.

Minimum Requirements

Learn about Allena’s Training Tracking minimum requirements in the FAQ page



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