Hiring Practice

Hiring PracticeThe hiring process is not an easy one, especially during current times of high competition for talent during a great shortage of skilled labor in the US. Managers want to make sure they find and keep the best people. Therefore, it is a collaborative job among human resources representatives, managers and work unit employees to know what is considered the best hiring practice.

Involving your workforce staff in the hiring process helps to get a good employee and one that fits the staff therefore building a stronger team. Another good practice in the hiring process is to have the manager or supervisor interview the candidate for the tasks and duties to be performed under his/her supervision. Other practices to consider during at the beginning of hiring process are;

  • Make sure a resume submission process is in place
  • Create flexible job requirements for the description of your posting
  • Craft behavioral questions for the interview process. Open ended questions are best and considered great a hiring practice since they determine candidate‚Äôs natural tendencies when faced to resolve unexpected problems.

One of the most important and frequently overlooked hiring practice is to consider the work environment of your company. Ask yourself and your personnel what makes it great to work at your company. The best candidates will be more willing to apply to companies with great culture, benefits, promotion opportunities and work environment.

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