The contacts module provides the user with the facility to record and manage trainees, vendors, and personal contacts. It stores data on every contact that the user wants a detailed record of … The following screens are available in the Contacts module;

  • Once the contact has been found, launch default email program to send emails.
  • Access contacts website from this screen.
  • Have instant access to Work, Home or Fax numbers.
  • Store up to three more numbers to contact a vendor, colleague, trainee or consultant.

Entering Contacts Groups

Contacts groups identify different kinds of contacts, such as; vendors, trainers, distributors, electricians, suppliers, etc. Assign contact groups to contacts records. Allena organizes and classifies contacts mainly by group.

  1. Choose Contacts tab from the main menu. Allena displays the Contact Group form (module).
  2. Insert a new contact group. Allena displays a blank record.
  3. Contact group and description – Enter a unique code and description for the contact group.

Adding Contact information

Add contact information, such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, title, company name, etc.

  1. Choose Add/Edit Contact from the main menu. Allena displays the Contacts form.
  2. Click the Record View tab.
  3. Click >* button to insert a new contact record.
  4. Last Name – Enter the contact’s surname.
  5. First Name – Enter the contact’s given name.
  6. Group – Enter the code identifying the contact’s group.
  7. Title – Enter the contact’s job title.
  8. Enter information into the remaining fields, as necessary.