How To Create a New Datasource?

Allena training management system allows you to create different databases also known as datasources. You can manage different companies or organizations by linking to different datasources. For example, an organization might have two divisions. Each division has different departments. Separate training tracking per division by creating two different datasources.

Create a new datasource.

  1. Go to the Ribbon
  2. Click on the Home tab
  3. Under File section of the Home ribbon click on New … button
  4. A window shows up asking for the name and location of the new datasource.
  5. Under New Datasource Location enter a folder location for the new file that is NOT under Allena’s installation folder.
  6. Click on Create button and Allena will relink to the new datasource.


All new datasources should be create outside Allena’s installation folder and backed up often.