Before Entering Your Training Management Data

Gather information about employees and training requirements for your organization or facility. There are 2 ways to organize your training tracking records.

Application Navigation To obtain a better idea about required information to build your training management database, navigate through all main forms first (employees, contacts, training schedule, schedule history, etc.) While inside a main form consider fields that define your data in more detail. These fields are located inside a data detail input forms (DDIF). DDIF’s are only accessible through record view forms and can be found by clicking on buttons with double arrows pointing downward.

Data detail input forms are located in these main forms; Employees -> Status, Department Contacts -> Group, Other1 Type, Other2 Type, Other3 Type Training Scheduler -> Training Title, Type, Trainer, Documentation Training -> Required by, Type, Media, Documentation, Location, Trainer Registrations -> Documentation Type Some fields in DDIF are limited to a few characters long and require the use of a code. Consider neglecting vowels when defining your codes in order to fit the fields.

Enter basic training data into Allena in order to be able to generate concurrent trainings. Data entry does not have to be set up at once, but certain information must be entered before trainings can be generated. It is highly recommended that you switch to our sample datasource included with Allena to get familiarize with the data entry and how they relate to each other.